Kopek Cluster

Cast from 2 old russian coins, this 'kopek' cluster combines 15th & 16th century coin money or denga.  The one shown is of Ivan the Terrible (reverse side is russian typography).  The second shown which has typography is backed with an image of what I believe to be Alexis I (circa 1650).  

Sol Invictus Cluster

We've cast our new coin cluster from two 3rd century coins; Sol Invictus & Quadriga.  Sol Invictus is the Sun god of the Roman Empire and the patron of soldiers.  The emperor Victorinus is on the reverse.  Quadriga (4 horses pulling a chariot) with Constantine I and the hand of God reaching down.  Constantine I on the reverse.

St Patrick / Celtic Cross

Cast in sterling silver from an old vintage St Patrick medal found in the UK, this St Pat's (St Brigid on the reverse) medal is combined with our hammered Celtic Cross.  Mounted on a 24" aged sterling chain.  St Patrick measure approx. 5/8" while the Celtic Cross measures 3/4".  Priced at $170.  To order, contact us directly at info@thebluehound.com.

Revisit: Bookmarks

We've created a small group of sterling silver bookmarks accented with vintage ribbon.  The bookmarks are double sided and stamped with the words BOOK/MARK, WORD/READ and PAGE/TURN.  The perfect gift for an old school reader!